Current Students

Graduation Checklist

Students should submit the following documents to the Institute Secretariat:

  1. One copy of the thesis in hard cover, signed.
  2. Two CDs, each containing the thesis as PDF, identical to the version submitted in hard cover.
  3. Two signed copies of the Thesis Data Entry Form from the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). To enter data, visit the Council of Higher Education's Thesis Center (YÖK Tez Merkezi). See also YÖK guidelines for graduate thesis submissions (in Turkish).

In addition, the students should make sure that their department has sent the following documents to the Institute:

  1. The post-defense thesis committee report (jüri raporu), duly signed by all committee members.
  2. A letter from the Program Chair confirming successful completion of graduation requirements (mezuniyet yazısı).
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