Current Students


Each semester, all new and continuing students are expected to register at the University during the pre-announced registration period (usually 2-4 days in the week before the start of classes). Students cannot attend courses or do thesis-related work without registration. For more information about registration, please go to the Registration page.

Some useful information about registration is provided below.

  • A student's registration is not considered completed until the advisor approves the student's list of desired courses.
  • It is the student's responsibility to insure that the proposed course list is approved by the advisor and that the registration process is completed on time.
  • Permission for late registration requires a formal application to the Institute during the time period indicated on the academic calendar. 
  • Courses that a student registers for on a non-credit basis cannot be converted to a credit basis turned into credit after the add–drop period.
  • MA students who have completed their first semester PhD students who have passed their qualifying exams must register for the thesis course in their thesis advisor's

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